Jamboree21 becomes Jamboree22 

As all scouting activities have adjusted this spring and summer because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemichas the planning of Jamboree21. We have at all times kept a close eye on the development and had hoped we would be able to gather next summer. Longing for the day we can meet up at the camp site in Norra Åsum has helped us through many socially distanced evenings and digital planning meetings. 

We can now see that the development in Sweden and the rest of the world is not going the way we hoped for in the beginning of this fall. As time have passed by  more and more signs of the pandemic greatly effecting our ability to organise a scout camp as large as Jamboree21 next summer has occurred.  It´s at last obvious that we won’t have enough information about how the circumstances around COVID-19 will develop until very late in the process. 

Based on this, the national board of the Guides and Scouts of Sweden have now decided to postpone our national jamboree to the summer of 2022. Jamboree21 will become Jamboree22. 

We find it incredibly sad that we’ll have to wait another year to see tents being raised, hearing scouts talk about the best activities and where to find the best candy stand but the pandemic is a factor we simply can’t do anything about. We can only organise a camp with thousands of people if we have the possibility to do so safely and responsibly, for the participants sake as well as for the society at large. 

We will not cancel, but we will adjust. The dream of a sustainable world will live on. Now we get to dream for even longer about how fun we will have when we at last can gather at the camp site in the summer of 2022. The need of a Jamboree will be even greater after such a long period of social restrictions in school, at work, in scouting and everywhere else. Our awesome (Åsum) planning team will in the meantime continue to create the best program, food, showers, networks, cafés, roads and everything else that´s needed for making dreams come become reality.  


Elin Jungevi and Martin Björgell 

Camp Chiefs, Jamboree22 


FAQ - Jamboree22

 Is Jamboree21 cancelled?  
No, Scouts do not cancel but we do adjust. The national jamboree will be moved to the summer of 2022. Jamborees are too important for our members, local groups and troops and for the development of our organisation to be cancelled. To participate in a big camp and meet scouts from all over Sweden or other countries is an experience we want all scouts to have at least once. A Jamboree is a part of the personal adventure and development for adult scouts and leaders as well. To postpone the camp is not an easy decision to make, but the wellbeing of our participants and the civil protection makes the decision necessary. The national board hopes and thinks the camp will be able to be held during 2022 and will follow the development of covid-19 closely.
Why is the jamboree postponed?  
The planning team together with the national board have followed the development of the pandemic closely during the year. The last months have not seen a decrease in cases in Sweden or Europe, but rather an increase in cases and affected areas. The reports from the Swedish government in September and October indicates a scenario where we must readjust our day to day life until at least the first half of 2021. It will likely involve strict recommendations and restrictions when it comes to gatherings in larger groups, how food is served and public transport even during parts of next year. Even with less strict recommendation the possibility to organise a jamboree with 10 000 scouts seems highly unlikely. With respect for the planning team and volunteers and to give local groups and international scouts time to plan a different summer we wanted to make this decision sooner rather than later.
What will the camp be named when it´s postponed? 
Jamboree22 of course! 
Will you still be able to use the camp site at Norra Åsum outside Kristianstad 2022? 
Scouterna and Kristianstads municipality have a long and stable cooperation, the municipality is informed and support our decision to move the camp to 2022. The campsite is available to us in 2022 and we have no intention to change location.
Will the previous information still be valid, except the year?  
In general, everything that´s been planned and communicated will stay the same, just a year later. It’s the same organisation, same location, same target groups and the same theme. In other words, it´s the same Jamboree. The delay will give us the opportunity to think everything through a second time, make the plans even better and set the bar even higher to create the most incredible jamboree experience! We will have to come back with the exact dates for the camp at a later time.
What if we still have a pandemic by 2022? 
Both the jamboree organisation and the board will work under the assumption that we will be able to have a camp during 2022. At the same time we will follow the development of the pandemic closely and make necessary readjustments. It´s still too early to speculate about the summer of 2022.
Why not wait longer with the decision? What if rules and restrictions are changed and we’ll be able to go through with Jamboree21?
Even with the most optimistic views on the outcome of the pandemic, vaccination, restrictions and rules we would end up with a timetable which makes it impossible to be able to apply and be approved the right permits to have a camp 2021. We want to create a camp where everyone feels safe and welcome to have a great adventure together.