The Swedish Jamboree21

Welcome to join us at the Swedish Jamboree21! This time you will not only experience nature, friends and Swedish fika, but also a theme based on UN´s Global Sustainability Goals.

At the Swedish Jamboree you get to make new friends, friends you would never have met. You will create memories that would never have been created and try things you would never have done otherwise. A jamboree is an adventure that changes lives, that changes society, and changes the world. Soon you can read more about the great adventure at

Dates: July 31st – August 2021

Location: Norra Åsum, Skåne. The jamboree site is located about 5 km south of the city Kristianstad. The closest railway station is Kristianstad, closest international airport is Kastrup (Copenhagen).

Participants: You will take part in your patrol together with a leader. You are very welcome as an individual International Service Team member from the age of 18.